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Printing books - the final countdown

Well, our first imprint, Olympia Sibley's Zoom and the Neanderthal Girl, has been printed and sent to us here in Texas, via UPS. Our own Shack Simple Press deadline for the release of the book was December the 10th, and we might have made it were it not for the discovery of a series of minor typographical errors regarding the different uses of hyphens in the book. We decided that our first book ought to be perfect, so we rejected the proofs a third time to get everything exactly right. Our printer, 48Hour Books, did a wonderful job of completing the corrections to the proof quickly, and we might have still made the deadline, given that the books were printed and bound by the evening of 12/7 and ready for mailing by the following morning -- but then apparently UPS failed to get a trailer out to the printer to collect the books in time to meet the early morning shipping truck, adding an additional day. We have now told that the books will arrive on Tuesday, 12/14. For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting a copy, we apologize for the delay - but we think it will be worth the wait!

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