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About Shack Simple Press

Shack Simple Press is a new indie publisher dedicated to peopling the world with good books that reflect our own aesthetic and moral sense of the world. We value all that is local, communitarian, simple, frugal, beautiful, ethical and ecologically sound, and seek to publish  works that arise out of a lively dialogue between community, ecology, ethics, religion, and traditionally grounded wisdom that go beyond mere convention to express a sophianically grounded  aesthetic protest against all that is ugly, mass-produced, unsustainable, exploitative, and hostile to human flourishing.

If you've got a book that's got what it takes - we've got what it takes to get it published.

If you have a manuscript - of poetry, short stories, a novella, a novel, or collection of essays, we'd love to see it.  If we like it, we'll make you an offer.  Send queries to:

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