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Going International with Print on Demand Publishing

Recently, we arranged with IngramSpark to provide a print-on-demand and epublication version of Lars Doucet's Land is a Big Deal and an epublication version of Olympia Sibley's Zoom and the Neanderthal Girl. These books are now available to wholesalers and bookstores worldwide, and can be ordered through any bookseller, whether online or bricks-and-mortar store worldwide. The books and epublications have already been sold in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, and India.

Why do we tell you this? Well, for one thing, this means that you can obtain the book locally and avoid excessive mail costs if you live in Europe, Australia, Canady, and perhaps even South America and Asia. While the print copy of the books is not quite as nice as that of those we printed here in the USA, they are still very well printed, and the print copy and illustrations are sharp, crisp, and meet our own exacting standards. So, while we continue to think that the best deal for our American buyers is to purchase the book from us through our Wix store here, or through our store on Amazon, we do think that ordering the book from local or online bookstores elsewhere, or purchasing them from independent bookseller on Amazon internationally, might be a better option for our customers, fiscally speaking. IngramSpark distributes through the following wholesalers and booksellers internationally - one should be able to order the book through any of th

e following: 1. In the United States & Canada, via Ingram Book Group, the print on demand version of Land is a Big Deal is automatically made available to tens of thousands of retailers, libraries, schools, and E-commerce companies. If your library doesn't have the book, request it. The book should also be available on order from any of the following:

Barnes & Noble

Independent bookstores

Chapters / Indigo (Canada)

and other well-known book retailers and wholesalers across North America.

2. In the United Kingdom & Europe, the print on demand version of Land is a Big Deal, printed in either the UK or Germany, is available on order fr

om any of the following:





Book Depository Ltd

Books Express

Coutts Information Services Ltd

Designarta Books

Eden Interactive Ltd



Trust Media Distribution (formerly STL)

Mallory International

Paperback Shop Ltd


The Book Community Ltd


Wrap Distribution

In Oceana, Australia & New Zealand, the print on demand version of the book, printed in Australia, should be available on order from:

Amazon AU



The Nile

James Bennett


Peter Pal People from other areas, such as Asia or South America, should check and see if the mailing costs from the various online providers listed above are lower than those provided on our website. If so, then you should certainly purchase the book from them, and with our blessing! In short, we hope this will enable more of our international customers to purchase this insightful and important book about the role of land in our economies and societies at a reasonable cost

. If you have any issues with obtaining the book on order through any of the venders listed above, please contact us and let us know about it so that we can investigate and see what the problem is. Here at Shack Simple Press, we want to wish you all a happy New Year, filled with joy and good books!

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