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Zoom and the Neanderthal Girl (Paperback Edition)

Zoom and the Neanderthal Girl (Paperback Edition)

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Zoom and the Neanderthal Girl is a new collection of poetry by Olympia Sibley, inspired by college teaching. It is unusual, almost to the point of being unique, in its tight focus on a profession, zooming in on the situation of teaching and learning.  The context is academic, but the concerns are personal and ethical, and the poems are sharp-eyed but big-hearted responses to situations that arise within the context of instruction, principally at the community college level.  Equally uncharacteristically, many of the poems included are occasional poems, written in response to specific events, or to mark particular occasions - the start of school, the retirement of a colleague, the triumph of a student, or a contemporary tragedy that bears upon the life of the college. The collection as a whole reflects a triumph of ethos, a winsome reflection upon the moral enormity of what one is engaged in when teaching.  Whether humorous, tragic, or touching, these poems speak to the responsibility that we have for tending to one another and seeking out the best in one another. 

A book for all those who are engaged in learning or teaching, or who just believe that art should still have something to say about duty, friendship, and compassion for others.


    Paperback. 82 pp.


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